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                Dog Diet Tips

Your dog is a member of your family and you love him. After all, a dog really is man's best friend. You need to  keep your dog as healthy as possible and there are many ways to do this. If you want to keep your dog healthy and happy, you need to give it a healthy nutritious diet.

Dog diets are and have always been the subject of much controversy. A good dog diet is one that when fed in the correct proportions, it helps the body and mind function in a normal healthy way. Additionally, we are firmly of the belief that a low quality commercial dog diet is a completely unsatisfactory way to feed any dogs, and that given the right advice, you can feed a dog an appropriate raw diet of natural dog food for considerably less money, and get lots of additional benefits, such as a happy healthy dog.

Dogs have certain needs that have to be met for their health to be maintained. Dogs (and humans) need protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, and minerals. Dogs have a higher protein requirement than humans. They also need the essential fatty acids from a plant and an animal source, for instance safflower or flax seed oil, and cod liver oil.

Your dogs diet is SO very important to your dog's well being. Diets are available for every life stage of your dog. Dietary protein is necessary for the growth and maintenance of essentially all tissues of a dog's body, including muscle, hair, bone and organs. Dog diets high in fat could increase your dogs risk of obesity, high blood pressure, and an elevated heart rate.

Dogs typically will eat 25% more than they need, which can lead to obesity and illness. Dogs who eat mostly table scraps or poor quality commercial dog foods tend to consume too much fat and not enough nutrition, and therefore will be more likely to suffer from ill health as there age increases. Dogs need a complete and balanced dog diet. A dogs diet needs to be a balance of protein, calcium, fats and vitamins/minerals. Dogs don't need high amounts of carbohydrate in their diet.

Raw dog food diets have been common in Europe for decades. Raw feeding refers to a type of diet fed to dogs which totally excludes all commercial dog foods. Raw dog diet really means nothing cooked, meat, bones and organs. Supporters of the BARF dog diet claim that dogs thrive on a diet of raw meats, organs, and bones. But even the most avid supporters of the BARF dog diet suggest consulting a veterinarian before beginning your dog on a raw food diet.

Feeding your dog a balanced diet is essential to your furry friends health. It is important to maintain a regular feeding schedule and always provide fresh food and water with each feeding. Feeding your dog an unbalanced diet or poor quality dog food pretty much guarantees that your dog have health problems in the future. Feeding them the a natural healthy diet, will save you from having to pay large vet bills, because of ill health.

As many as 25% of dogs seen by veterinarians are overweight or obese. Although avoiding obesity is the best approach to life long health for you dog, if your dog is overweight, your veterinarian can recommend a safe, effective weight loss program that includes a reduced calorie diet. Typically, the green bean dog diet is recommended for dogs who need to lose weight. The green bean dog diet helps to properly lose and maintain weight while keeping you and your pet happy.

A Healthy Dog Diet is one of the most important contributors to your dogs health. Feeding your dog a nutritional natural dog diet will improve your dogs immune system, health and happiness. One difference between human and dog diets is that dogs are generally fed complete and balanced formulated diets of fairly predictable variability. Feeding fresh dog foods with dogs, as with their owners, fresh is best, whenever possible and a natural dog diet is essential, to your dog. The best resource for information about dog diets is the vast array of free dog diet tips available on the internet, or visit your veterinarian to ask for advice.

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